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One of the best technical Death Metal albums - 87%

stefan86, May 3rd, 2006

Suffo have always been one of the favourites for me in the technical area of Death Metal. They've been able to retain an oldschool sense of riffing while still playing insanely. It's not many bands who can remain this comprehensable and infectious when going berserk on their individual instruments.

The songwriting is done in an almost progressive fashion with plummeling stuctures that start, stop and change tempo flawlessly. It remains headbangable and straight up brutal while staying true to the progressive influences. I'll say it again: Not many bands can accomplish this, creds to Suffocation.

Production values are a bit strange, but fitting in their own way. The bass is possibly the loudest I've ever heard and it gives the CD an intersting punch. In terms of quality it's not perfection, but perfect for the music. There are a bunch of bass solos, as in the beginning of "Depths of Depravity", which must be one of the most crushing intro sections ever.

Most songs also mix in some Thrash, and it's just as well done as the progressive influences. There's the starts and stops of 80's Thrash, yet the drums and guitars are blasting back and forth in a modern tech-Death fashion. Technical bands who tend to play a bunch of harmonics instead of solid riffs should take notes here.

The vocals are pretty good and flows well with the music. It's often driven by the riffs, which is exactly how bands like this should do it. They're not supposed to drive the music by themselves, they're supposed to enforce it. And they surely do.

Beyond the fact that most songs on the CD sounds the same, there's no real weakness to be found here. "Pierced From Within" is a treat for anyone who likes brutal and technical Death Metal with a sense of structure and solid riffing. Recommended.

Favourite tracks: "Pierced From Within", "Depths of Depravity", "Torn Into Enthrallment"