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Suckbid Angel, blow this out your ass - 73%

UltraBoris, September 7th, 2003

I hadn't listened to this album in about 4 years, and had forgotten how it sounded - somewhere down the line it degenerated in my mind to the point that I falsely remembered Suffocation as a bad Morbid Angel clone.

Hah! Wrong! These guys could (and, probably should) rip Morbid Angel a bazillion fucking assholes and leave them to die. These guys are actually pretty good. Their drummer isn't a stupid showoff fuckwad, and actually plays drum parts that fit in the context of the songs. When the songs are brutal, they are brutal, not self-parodisingly "br00tal" in the stupid Dying Fetus moshcore sense of the word.

And the riffs... there are a whole fucking fuckload of fucking riffs. Oh yes. This album is complicated as fuck, with the riffs constantly changing, and a whole lot of tempo changes as well. This album isn't generally very fast, though it does tend to alternate between fast and midpaced a lot. And mercifully, the riffage isn't a bad ripoff of Pleasure to Kill - not too many tremolo riffs to be found here. I mean tremolo riffs are fun, but annoying as fuck when overused.

Highlights... Suspended in Tribulation. What a headbanging monster. The whole thing is 7 minutes long - I have no idea why these guys aren't hailed as the masters of progressive death metal. Fucking Opeth gets that crown, and they are barely progressive and certainly not death metal. Fuck Opeth. Another highlight - The Invoking. The fast section in the middle is just fucking great, especially with the slightly melodic (well, about as melodic as Suffocation gets) riff passage. Synthetic Revival has some definite Raining Blood moments in there.

The production is very good... it's heavy as fuck, and accents the guitars - something that a lot of death metal bands forget about. A great, heavy (suffocating! Hah!) guitar tone, combined with the tasteful mix of the drums (not so fucking loud that you can hear nothing but blastbeats), and excellent bass work that you can hear, and also it tends to do something interesting most of the time, a good contrast to the rhythm guitars. Then the vocals - above average for death metal. Good range of expression, while remaining firmly in the "cookie monster" range. I don't find them particularly memorable, but they don't get on my nerves and go well with the riffs, so I like them.

Worth getting? If you like anything resembling death metal, this should pretty much be a staple. For a thrasher like me, you will miss the constant whiplash - though it is pretty above average for death metal. My only real complaints are that sometimes the drummer does get a bit irritating (but again, not nearly as bad as, say Krisiun or whatnot), and the songs tend to meander a bit without really being initially memorable. But still, this is solid death metal. As I said - Suckfuck Angel should learn from this and die.