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Piercing My Permanent Memory - 90%

Grumpy Cat, January 26th, 2019

There are 6 things Suffocation provides in bucket loads on this album; a guitar tone consisting of nothing but bass and distortion, groovy breakdown sections, odd vocal phrasings and patterns, chug riffs, quick and constant changes and frequent blast beats. Oh there's a 7th thing I forgot, they can deliver the other 6 for about 40 minutes and keep it at a fairly consistent level of quality.

There's a certain abstract styling to early tech death and Suffocation may have topped the pile with Pierced From Within, the song structures straying away from conventional norms. A slow chugging section is as likely to be followed up by a different slow chugging section as it is a high speed shred fest, which will itself be followed by another tempo break and probably land back at slow chugging riff. There's not completely a rhyme or reason to anything the band plays but it all flows aimlessly. It creates an odd almost paradoxical balance, crude bare bones riffs and beats laid out in a very structured and intricate manner that also provides points for the band to add shredding leads and solos to prove their talented musicianship.

That isn't to say there aren't some weak points. The solos aren't anything to write home about, not bad by any means, just kinda there to add some additional technical pinch. The real offender is a rather, ballsless production job that manages to well emphasize the bass and low end of the guitar in the mix but still manage to deliver both with far less punch than they need, probably why this album never seemed to take off with the deathcore crowd who would normally love its focus on groovy chug riffs and breakdowns.