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Brutal Technical as if you expected anything else - 100%

Fatal_Premonitions, August 2nd, 2007

Suffocation had set the bar for technically brutal Death Metal. Even to this day they have stayed true to their roots (unlike countless bands). Some people may hold their snobby noses to this band, but secretly sneak listens when no one is listening. A band that started back in 1990 have evolved and one of the afterbirths of that evolution is Pierced from Within.

I am not going to rehash was most people know... it's brutal and technical yah yah, but what is different about this album then the previous two. The main body of the riffs are thrashy and executed in short shredding bursts. The semi-technical fret dancing by Hobbs is properly placed through out each song and gives this album a better sense of atomsphere. Maybe not as melodic as the Swedish kind, but that was never Suffocations aim. What has created a shift in song writing and stucture is the drums. This time around Smith has sat this one out and Doug Bohn has stepped in for the fight. To my suprise this has opened up Suffocation's sound to a more varied and organic feel. Instead of the constant cold mechanical blasting listeners were accustom to Bohn delivers more variety. The problem with Smith was he used blasting to fill out every part of a song (as if he did know what else to do), where (for example) double bass could have broken up the blandness of constant grind drumming. Note worthy, the drum sound does not over power the music and instead there is greater thickness in the riffs and bass quitar.

You can't complain about Suffocation's Pierced from Within, this album delivers what the fans of the genre want. If you don't like "brutal" Death Metal, why even bother. To complain about this album's merits is like a person who hates cheese cake whining about the whole cheese cake he just ate.