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Welcome! to my church! - 96%

Chopped_in_Half, August 5th, 2006

This is an excellent slab of brutal/technical Death Metal, and I'm not much into the "Brutal" Death Metal, aside from Suffocation and Nile, so that should tell you I'm very picky, and it should tell you theres something special about this album, the first thing that makes Suffocation different and better than most Brutal Death Metal bands, is that they don't try to out brutalize others, none of that "OH I CAN PLAY FASTER THAN YOU" shit, the other thing, is Suffocation realize they have to use Thrash riffs to make it good, as they are lots of Thrash riffs present here.

The production on this album is typical Scott Burns production, raw, but not bad production, meaning everything is heard, but it's not overdone, gives it more of an edge.

Let's take a stroll down Pierced From Within lane, "Pierced From Within" Opens here, definatly the kind of song you want to open an album with, as it's full of killer fast riffs, and killer groove riffs, and blast beats that just pummel, and a solo that will make you drool for more, and "Thrones of Blood" does just that, opening with a nice groove riff, and a killer verse, with that same riff underneath, theres lots of spots in this song that catch you off gaurd, and when it slows down, wow, is it fucking heavy!, and another solo to die for, Cerrito is a winner for sure, and this album does not let up here "Depths of Depravity" Opens with some nice drum and bass parts, and then Franks demonic growl comes in eventually, and the riffs take you on a hellride and back, as they are fucking brutal as all hell, this song gains some nice speed, and has nice blast beats as well, and yet, ANOTHER, killer solo, this guy is a fucking nut!, one great solo after another.

And if you think that was good, wait until you hear "Suspended in Tribulation" Opening with some brutal as all fuck slower riffs, and listen to that bass solo!, crazy, and Franks voice eventually fades in, this song has some spots that catch you off gaurd as well, one minute there will be a repeated riff, then next, a totally new riff, the technicallity is amazing here, the outro riff is fucking killer too, and that takes us to "Torn into Enthrallment" Whats that? It's an acoustic intro!, brutal DM with an acoustic intro?! YES!, and it works well too, this song is more midpaced, but it still kicks ass, as it's filled with interesting riffs and grooves, and another killer bass solo too, and yet another solo that just owns, "The Invoking" Has a main riff that is similar to the title track, but still has a slight twist to it, making it different too, love when it slows down too, as it's just heavy as fuck, makes you want to stomp someones head in, yes it's that brutal!

Now since I don't want to make this review to long, I will just state that "Synthetically Revived" and "Brood of Hatred" are both good songs, but theres nothing there that makes them standout from the rest, but they are good, now, "Breeding The Spawn" Is re-recorded here, and it sounds MUCH better than it did on "Breeding The Spawn" good production did this song alot of justice, if you liked the original version, you'll fall in love with this at first listen!

Roadrunner made them rush their previous album "Breeding The Spawn" and that was what ruined it, in that 2 year time spand, Suffocation worked hard for their next release, being this, and wanted to make up for the last one, and believe me, they did, and then some!, so if you weren't happy with BTS, and want something killer with good production, then check this one out.