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The Manifest of The Technical Brutality - 97%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 6th, 2008

This is where it all began. If you want to find where lots of bands took inspirations for their brutal works, you must listen to this band and especially to this album. Human Waste was a bit grind yet but already showed us a band technically compact and violent, while the debut is something bestial for the gore level and the production. Anyway, from that album the skills of this great band, started to come out to create a more personal, brutal sound.

Breeding The Spawn was poorly produced but always great and with this huge piece of burning piece of hyper technical brutality, we have the consecration of a band that never went down in inspiration and brutality. Here we can find some of the most violent and technical compositions that the death metal ever left us…they are all for us to enjoy. The band has hugely grown in technique and impact and the production is finally great and able to exalt each single instruments.

What I always adored in the music by Suffocation is the perfect mix of technical parts on the rhythmic session united to always catchy and destructive riffs. You cannot hear a part for more than 10 seconds in a song, but the great thing is that each one of these parts has a perfectly recognizable riff you can notice listen after listen. The up tempo and the blast beats fury are always present but they last just for few seconds in a song, broken by tech passages and doom, rotten parts, to start again after few minutes. That’s way you can really appreciate each parts without being boring or annoying.

It’s the case, for example of the brutal blast beats assault of “Depths Of Depravity” or the title track. The solos are mostly evocative and violent at the same time and with evocative I don’t mean the melodic/wanky ones, but full of negative and gore atmosphere ones. Frank at the vocals is always, simply amazing and brutal like none else in this field. The vocals are so particular in their classic, canonical growl that they result unmistakable!

The bass is always pounding and doesn’t remain behind a sort of a curtain made by the other instruments because its distortion is simply powerful without being too extreme. “Suspended In Tribulation” is great for this, apart from its sheer brutality. The riffs are like a heavy, black mountain coming to bury you. The heaviness of the guitars, especially on the power chords is something you can’t listen anywhere. This is class with brutality.

“The Invoking” is another highlight here among awesome songs and features great riffs, almost progressive during the verses. They could be labelled as progressive technical brutal death ones. What a mess! And how many of you sang the “Synthetically Revived” refrain with Frank each time, listening to this song? I’m sure many of you! This is awesome with up tempos/blast beats sections. Overall, a milestone in brutal death metal, made of simply great, violent and catchy songs. It’s impossible to resist to this album.