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Extremely Underrated - 95%

Thrones726, May 31st, 2009

After Suffocation's 1991 masterpiece Effigy of the Forgotten, fans did not know what to expect next and were impatiently waiting for another taste of Brutality. Suffocation went back into the studio with more of the same ideas, but this time they added a little more melody and more complex song structures. 1993's Breeding the Spawn brought just that and a little bit more to the table.

Often ignored and disregarded, this album is sadly very underrated by the metal community in general. There are many factors that probably led to this. For one thing, the production is not top notch. Roadrunner did not let Suffocation record with who they wanted to(most likely Scott Burns) and instead chose for them. That combined with Suffocation's relentless style of blast beats about, complex riffs, and crushing breakdowns overall made the production fall through. Throughout the album, the guitars on some tracks have a slightly annoying buzzing sound, which often gets lost in the mix. The vocals here by Frank Mullen are different from Effigy of the Forgotten. There more intelligible, but don't worry his vocals are still as guttural as ever and are a pounding force on the album. The drums do sound very good here also, as does the bass, which plays a big part in the creativity of this album.

Once you get past the production, you'll soon realize the sheer genius of this release. Songs like Beginning of Sorrow, Breeding the Spawn, Prelude to Repulsion, and Anomalistic offerings really display the melodic side of Suffocation here. While tracks like Marital Decimation, and Epitaph of the Credulous have crushing sections that leave you wanting more. Franks vocals only help everything come together even more. Once again, the bass is very prominent on this album. In almost every song, the bass really does amazing things here. you'll sometimes hear bass sweeping, tapping, and songs will stop just so the bass can play a solo or lead into another riff. The bass commands on this album.

While most people disregard this album, this is an undeniable classic by Suffocation. My advice is to just ignore the production and listen to the amazing creativity this album has to offer. The riffs are melodic, crushing, and technical. The vocals are guttural like they should be coming from Frank. The drumming is very solid, and the basswork is unbelievable. Breeding the Spawn is an amazing effort from The legends Suffocation, and is definitely an album worth picking up.