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Why the Production? WHY?! - 69%

Metalli_Priest, March 6th, 2004

The title pretty much says it all: the production is absolutely shit and does nothing to enhance the music in anyway. Sometime crappy production does help to give an album an edge, take three quarters of the black metal genre for instance or perhaps the first megadeth album. But hell, the production on ‘Breeding the Spawn’ is very weak and kind of just combines all the different elements Suffocation has created and just turned it into a big mash.

If you can listen past the production blur, you will find that most of the songs on offer here are your typical Suffocation; quite brutal, technical death metal, although slightly less thrashy than their previous efforts. The drumming is pretty much flawless while maintaining suffocation’s usual amount of diversity. The riffs are bludgeoning; varying from slow chugging riffs to almost hyper-speed blasts. The bass is mixed into the sound, and is inaudible some of the time, but often jumps out when it is playing separately from the guitar. Last but not least: the Vocals! I have always been a fan of Frank Mullen: Guttural, deep, yet his twisted lyrics are delivered with a great amount of variation and conviction.

The first two songs, in particular, the title track, are probably the strongest on this album, although a re-recorded version is found on ‘Pierced From Within’ which is truly excellent and it shows you how this album would have sounded, had it not been plagued by a horrid production.

A very diverse album that would be a fantastic listen that you would never get bored of hearing if it was for the production! Damn, production will be the bane of Heavy Metal! Not a must buy, but still a very, very decent album jam packed with very good death metal; although well worth the $14AU I paid for it!