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A special taste of dark metal - 92%

Hendrrik, June 18th, 2005

This band seems to be a good kept underground secret. Its very hard to get the music or at least some infos relating this spanish horde - and thats really a shame.
Because the music is very very great and original. A taste of black, a taste of death, very melodic and sophisticated with some male clear vocals as well.
Most remarkable part of the music is the perfect harmony between keys and guitars. The excellent keys are mostly used in the way of a piano and not - as so many others used to do - like a cheap programmed midi-file orchestra. Another big plus is the charasmatic voice. Most of the times rather deep, some shrieks and the above mentioned clear parts as well. In general we do have upspeed parts as well as midtempo.
The songs are very well written, sometimes rather complex but still very melodic, catchy, guitar driven and atmospheric. Its very hard for me to compare this unique stuff to another band. Production is warm and fits perfect.
A must have for every fan of melodic dark metal !