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Suffering - Chaosatanas

SUFFERING – Chaosatanas - 100%

Quantos, December 6th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Mort Productions (Limited edition)

Suffering is Polish occult black metal that specializes in sounding like the full embodiment of Satan himself. Everything about Chaosatanas is pure black metal perfection. The whole EP has just that straight evil atmosphere. The three-piece started in 2007 but finally released their debut demo Frozen Faith in 2012 and it wasn’t until this year that they released their EP Chaosatanas.

From the start of the release, you get that straight forward, full assault of pure darkness and hate black metal with blasting drums, distant and eerie vocals and crushing guitar riffs. Tracks like “Suicide for Satan” and “Leviathan Rises” have moments of blasting high paced riffing that quickly drops tempo, keeping the music unique but still a dark and evil atmosphere. A lot of the album can be compared to bands like Setherial and Sargeist with their raw sound but still clear enough to hear the full force that the group puts into the release. The lyrics of the band often deal with occult mysticism, anti-Christianity, witchcraft and devil worshiping which really can make any true kvlt black metal fan want to add this album to their collection.

Not many black metal bands these days truly stick out like Suffering does. With their honed technique, composition and strong presence in all their recordings, there is no saying that this band can’t be up in the ranks with Mayhem, Marduk, Dark Funeral and all the other great black metal kings. I highly recommend this release to any true fan of black metal who wants that feel of raw, ferocious and evil force that stays strong in every track the band puts out.

Second Wave By Way of Poland in 2014 - 79%

TheStormIRide, December 5th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2014, CD, Mort Productions (Limited edition)

Formed in 2007, Suffering is a Polish black metal band that is notable for having two members that currently perform in Besatt, which is one of Poland's longest running black metal acts. Suffering has only released a demo, Frozen Faith (2012), and an EP, Chaosatanas (2014), since their formation, as the members have apparently been busy with other endeavors. Regardless, Chaosatanas features six tracks of traditional black metal, inspired by the second wave, yet still adherent to the intrinsic chaos of the Polish scene.

Since two thirds of the band play in Besatt, there will surely be comparisons made between the two, and Suffering certainly shares that same fiery intensity, but rather than balancing acerbic blasting with haunting melodies, Suffering focuses purely on frosty trem riffing and double bass runs. That's not to say there aren't melodious moments woven into Chaosatanas, as “Essence of Sin” shows with its overlaid melodic strumming towards the end, but the focus remains on cold, second wave influenced black metal with an abrasive air of chaos. The trem riffing contains a certain melodic breath via use of minor key patterns, but the melodies are concealed, showing themselves during moments of chaos.

The EP switches between mid-paced forays, such as “I Am the Existence”, with its repetitive, trebly chord progression and restrained drumming, and faster tracks that show the band mixing blasts and winding, chaotic riffing with a dash traditional melody, like on “Suicide for Satan”, or the chaotic dissonance and blasting percussion on “Leviathan Rises”. The resulting mix is a solid homage to both the second wave of Scandinavian black metal and the Polish black metal scene that was exploding around the same time.

The production is solid for the style and the music is quite fierce, but this could get lost in the grand shuffle. Fans of Besatt, Gorgoroth and 1349 should check out Chaosatanas. It's not the most original of outings, but it's worth spending a little time with. It's no wonder why long time Besatt front man, Beldaroh, brought these guys on board. They certainly know their craft and can play well, but it's not likely to make large waves in the scene. The potential is there, so let's wait and see what comes next.