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Capable. - 76%

Noktorn, May 31st, 2008

French brutal/technical death metal fairly well seated in the Origin style plus some more rhythmic variation. It's a bit more like 'normal' brutal death metal than Origin, with less propensity for long, unbroken streams of blast beats and tremolo riffs, with just a hint of Internal Suffering type chaos in the most intense moments, but overall it's pretty lucid all the way through. Riffing is tremolo based and sort of a combination of Origin's vast, melodic ideas with the first few fret throb of newer Krisiun, occasionally slipping into a more traditional California BDM chug section that's quickly shunted aside in favor of more tremolo. Vocals are a James Lee grunt curiously absent of any high accompaniment, while the drums display a reasonably technical and brutal performance used to hold the fabric of the music together while the guitars go every which way; you basically know what this sounds like.

It lacks much in the way of atmosphere, caught somewhere between splatter, space, and abstract conceptualization, which is probably what holds this back from being really notable. Similarly the band is caught between their tremolo and California-style crunch sections, but the technical performances and clear, professional songwriting makes up for it to a greater or lesser degree. The super clean and sufficiently heavy production job makes up for any leftover disappointment. There aren't any surprises and it doesn't unseat Origin from their particular mastery of this style, but they're a quality second-string band that could give the more well known artists a run for their money as soon as they find a bit more of their personal sound that doesn't involve geographical replication.