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Worthless - 0%

ThrashingMad, December 18th, 2007

I’ve always been a person who will buy almost any album without previously hearing it as long as it’s cheap and it’s in the metal section of my local used CD store. While this shopping style has brought a lot of good albums into my hands, it has also put many a turd in my CD player. So one day I was browsing through the metal section at the aforementioned used CD shop, and I found this album. The band’s name was Sudden Death, the album’s title was Unpure Burial, and there was a picture of a skull on the front. I think at this point anyone would assume that it was a death metal album. Well at least that was what I thought, and at the very low price of 3 dollars a death metal album sounded quite appealing. Well I can say with total confidence that those 3 dollars would have been better spent on a double cheeseburger or a rusty nail through my penis.

So I’m going to stop beating around the bush and say that this album is completely awful and that I was dead wrong in thinking that it was death metal. What it actually is is a terrible groove/metalcore album and, amazing as this may sound, it is actually sub-par for the genre. It is truly pathetic, I mean this is a genre that is already bad and these guys can’t even succeed in making music that is up its standard of quality. Imagine an album that would make a band like Devildriver say “These guys really need to mature before they try to make another album.” It’s that bad. The music is basically just a constant stream of horrendously awful groove riffs that would make even latter day Pantera shake their heads, extremely annoying hardcore/metalcore vocals which sound like a bad mix of Phil Anselmo and a generic metalcore vocalist, and an overall pseudo-aggressive attitude that would make any self-respecting metalhead puke and any nu-metal dumbass “jump da fuck up”.

The riffs that these guitarists write are just pathetic. Most of them are just cheap groove riffs that have no value at all and get annoying in about 20 seconds. At other times the guitarists attempt to incorporate some melody into the otherwise ridiculously straight forward grooves, but they end up just sounding half-assed and boring. The vocals are almost even more annoying then the terrible riffing. For the most part the vocalist just uses the annoying aforementioned screaming style but, amazingly enough, it’s when he tries to break out of that style that the vocals become truly unbearable. There are many points in the songs where he does horribly obnoxious high-pitched screams that could make anyone cringe. There isn’t really much I can say about the drumming. It is pretty simple and overall it really doesn’t add much to the music. There is one bad thing about it and that is that the bass drums sound really bad and are way too loud. Although I guess I should be thankful for this seeing as at times they succeed in blocking out the annoyance of having the horrendous riffs constantly blasting in my ears. As mentioned before, this album as an odd nu-metal feel to it. I’m not quite sure what it is but at times the music sounds like it could be on a Slipknot album or something. Maybe it’s that fact that some of the sections are so abysmally simple that they almost sound like bad rap with screamed vocals and distorted guitars. It could also be that the lyrical themes seem to suggest that the band is stuck in the “Don’t give a fuck” mindset. I don’t know what it is; all I know is that it horribly annoying and it makes these already terrible songs a little less bearable.

As most know the groove/metalcore genre is almost entirely populated by bands that have very little worth. I think the description above could very well be written about almost any band in said genre and make sense. It’s just typically a bad genre so one really cannot expect much out of the bands that choose to play it; I know that I certainly don’t. In fact had I known that this album was one of that style, I would have avoided like I would a rabid dog or that same dogs feces. Yet most groove/metalcore bands do have one redeeming factor, they can usually write a decently catchy hook. And that is what usually draws people to such bands. They hear something catchy and instantly satisfying and they like it for that, even though there isn’t any real depth to the music. Sudden Death can’t even do this. Not only does this band not show a single thread of instrumental proficiency or songwriting talent but they can’t even come up with a cheap hook to appeal to shallow listeners. So not only is it clear that this band does not understand how to write good music, it is also apparent that they don’t really know what it takes to succeed in the genre in which they are playing.

I really never thought that I would give an album a rating of zero. I never thought that I could anything that I felt was truly worthless. And yet I find myself giving this album that exact score. This is because this album is worthless, completely worthless. There is not one second of enjoyable music in any of the songs on here. At no time while listening to this album did find myself thinking, “Oh that was kind of cool,” but I did find myself constantly thinking “Jesus Christ that part was annoying as hell.” I can’t stand to listen to this horribly tedious piece of monkey feces. This review was actually quite hard to write because forced me to listen to this poor excuse for music. This album is completely terrible and it holds no value whatsoever. At least I never have to listen to it again.