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Very underrated deathrash! - 92%

Insinneratorvokills, February 11th, 2012

Subjugator beat faces in Boston Massachusetts with their excellent mixture of death thrash metal. The Hatred Principle is a three song demo that did not fail to disappoint. This monster demo is filled with stomping riffs and upbeat mid temps that will keep the circle pit going!

If you are a fan of deathrash in the least bit just turn up the first track, What Gave you the Right, and just wait until that mid tempo kicks in, in the verse prepare yourself for uncontrollable circle pitting. The guitar tone this gentleman has is just perfect for the deathrash sound! And the way that is delivered with the drums is just unstoppable.

It is easy to compare this to all of the great deathrash releases, epecially with the energy of the first track, but giving this couple of listens you will hear the clear similarities between this and Morbid Angel's Altars of Madness, and Massacre's - From Beyond. Check it out.


Second Only To Wargasm - 95%

corviderrant, May 16th, 2009

Of Subjugator's three demos they released during their existence, this was by far the best of the three, easily. It had everything you could want; crunchy riffs, frenzied lead guitar, a powerful rhythm section, angry vocals, and snarling political lyrics wrapped up in a clear and dense production that really highlighted their Nuclear Assault-meets-Carnivore sound. It was fast and furious, yet controlled as well, if only barely.

This was very heavy thrash on display here, with a good balance of speed and crunch, the title track especially shows this contrast off with its slow, churning chorus dominated by Greg's thick power chords on the bass. As opposed to the relatively speedy first demo from 1990, this has more diversity of rhythms and dynamics, showing their writing was progressing well in that realm. This is not terribly technical thrash, but straightforward and well-crafted, a very good and convincing example of the form. Steve Flynn roared out his lyrics of oppression and hatred with conviction, too, he had a healthy set of lungs. He and Nick Clancy were an aggressive guitar tandem, too, making up for a relative lack of technical skill with plenty of attitude and feel for the music, which will trump soulless shredding any time.

All three tracks on here were fantastic and hold up really well--in fact, if these guys, who were buddies of mine back in the day, decided to reform, they'd easily find a niche in the thrash resurgence and probably would end up dominating due to their more than being able to prove themselves non-clones. They weren't totally original, but they were fierce and powerful enough to make up for that, and it's a shame they didn't make it out of Boston. I supported these guys big time and was sad to hear of their disbanding in '92. Nick went on to join Boston hardcore/crossover legends Wrecking Crew and the other guys did their own thing, but this is how I remember them most fondly. Ah, memories!