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Galaxies - 93%

grain_silo, July 13th, 2011

1992 was not a good year for thrash. It’s a shame this album didn’t come out a few years earlier. The reason I say that is because this album is GOOD. I really feel this band could’ve done pretty well if they had delivered this album to a better scene than the shit that 90’s was turning into. With death metal taking over and this album not containing a shred of death metal influence, it’s no surprise this band didn’t stay around for more albums.

The production on this album is pretty much perfect. The guitars are loud and heavy. The drums are really loud and sound really good. The vocals are perfect. There is only one thing; the bass is kind of quiet. You get a click every now and then but for the most part it’s too quiet.

The vocal delivery on this album is spot on. He kind of sounds like Xentrix meets Testament during “The New Order”. He is a pretty low singer but occasionally goes into some pretty unique highs. The riffs are heavy, fast, and everything thrash should be. The solos are very well-structured, not too much shredding solos going on here, which is a plus for me. A very heavy example is, “Behind Death’s Door”. It starts with a very heavy riffs and the high screech comes with the THRASH. The song pretty much destroys you from beginning to end. “Cremation” has an amazing break with an outstanding solo. “Needful Things” is like their ballad. It’s surprisingly good. It’s no “Fade to Black” but it delivers as far as ballads go. It’s also the only slow song on the whole album. “Environmental Suicide” is an instrumental, and wow is it good. The album ends with “The Switch” which is also the longest song on here at around 7:00. The song lengths are good, not too long and not too short. The whole album is longer than 45 minutes but it’s so good, it doesn’t feel that long.

I would highly recommend this album to anyone who likes thrash. That seems kind of vague but it’s that good.

Best tracks – “Behind Death’s Door”, “Environmental Suicide”, and “Planetary Destruction”