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Stryper > Reason for the Season > Reviews > erickg13
Stryper - Reason for the Season

Total cheese factor achieved! - 41%

erickg13, November 24th, 2006

Stryper, a band whose sole intentions was to spread the word of God through metal, and more people might listen if it weren’t for cheesy songs like these!

Their single “Reason For The Season” includes two versions of the song “Reason For The Season” which in and of itself has a mild Christmas flavour to it, along with the Christmas mainstay in “Winter Wonderland”. “Reason For The Season” is a campy tune which is pretty generic, and just basically like some Def Lepperd reject, and most of all cheesy! “Winter Wonderland” is, again, totally cheesy with the singer talking to the band (not unlike “Ballroom Blitz” by the Sweet).

This is campy, cheesy, whatever you want to call it! The only reason it gets a 41 (by my ranking outline) is that this is indeed crap, but mildly charming in its crappiness. Moreover, if you want to listen to the some of the cheesiest music ever, then this is recommended for you, outside of those few people, this is absolutely negligible trifle.