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Stryper > Carry on Wayward Son > Reviews > hells_unicorn
Stryper - Carry on Wayward Son

Not bad. - 67%

hells_unicorn, December 27th, 2010

This is the second preview of what is likely to be a nostalgic trip down metal memory lane with the genre’s most famous Christian minority party member Stryper. This time the Sweet brothers and company have elected to tackle a favorite 70s rock song amongst several more metallic bands in Kansas’ “Carry On My Wayward Son”. Given this band’s overt tendencies towards emulating 70s acts in terms of their ballads and better known hit singles, the choice is a fairly logical one. However, the band seems to have taken the road of least resistance and taken very few occasions to actually try to make the song their own.

One of my biggest complaints about most cover bands (as opposed to bands who occasionally play covers) is that they tend to lack identity and sound like human jukeboxes. Stryper doesn’t completely rehash the song note for note, but compared to Yngwie’s gutsy reinterpretation of this song, it tends to come off very safe and uneventful. Michael Sweet is a near dead ringer for Steve Walsh’s light yet powerful tenor; the lead guitar only occasionally strays from the established solos, and apart from the overall sound being a bit heavier and the drums being a bit too loud, it is all but interchangeable with the original.

This will likely be among the weaker performances on the upcoming album “The Covering”, but it isn’t bad by any stretch, it’s just predictable and fairly safe. It’s not the easiest song to perform well and few of the many band’s I’ve heard play it can really do it justice, but a hardened group of studio/songwriter veterans like this shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up a bit more. Nevertheless, this is a relatively good performance by a band that has managed to keep things consistently metal since coming out of the 80s glam scene.