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Against the world - 100%

Kalelfromkrypton, November 30th, 2007

With the downfall in the 90’s due to a big bunch of losers playing the annoying thing called grunge and alternative rock the bands we were in love with chose two roads: 1. They got separated. 2. They turned heavy metal into heavier music. This happened to Judas Priest with the immortal Painkiller, Iron Maiden with Fear of the Dark, Scorpions with Crazy World, Ozzy with No More Tears and so on and so forth. Well, Stryper was not an exception and with Against The Law we got an album that I would dare to say is perfect.

They followed the same structure for all their career of the title track opening the album: very powerful, fast and totally rebellious against the people who were pointing at them just because they did not like what the band were doing. Two Time Woman is the commercial hit, very cool, good solos and powerful screaming that if I had compare to someone that would be CJ Snare from Firehouse on Hold your Fire. Rock the People is slow and almost doom with vocals that will leave you hyperventilated. Two Bodies is the first ballad and a wonderful improvement since it has acoustic guitars and a glorious mood not to mention the speed which was really fast for a ballad. Not That Kind Of Guy is the fastest track with a complete go-nuts playing and let’s freak out dealing with lust for sex. Ordinary Man has a cool riffing and is deals with the same topic as the previous song. Lady is the second ballad and I must say it is awesome with acoustic guitars, and outstanding guitar solo and high vocals and amazing choruses. All For One is the highlight and it has an excellent riff and pace. This song is what we get from heavy metal masterfully performed. Rock The Hell Out Of You closes and again we get a super powerful track, Michael barely sings but screams fitting perfectly and there is no flaw in his performance. This is a perfect closer to the album because it really rocks the guts out of you.

The album’s themes are more diverse than their previous efforts because they deal with a lot of social things that were troubling the guys at the point of breaking up the following year. Because of touring with regular bands like White Lion, WASP and others the Christian sectors were criticizing them more and more and they turned into a more free lyrical content and they played even heavier which is ok since they managed to create an outstanding album. It is a pity that due to the hard times when it was put out it did not sell well but I can tell you that it stands beside the power and heaviness from some of the albums mentioned above plus if you will, Keep The Faith by Bon Jovi, Pile of Skulls by Running Wild and countless others.