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Good Mexican revivalist thrash - 75%

BloodIronBeer, November 10th, 2012

Huh? Wasn't expecting this to be any good. Let's face it, there is a plethora of garbage revivalist thrash bands out there, and I never put my ears to these offerings with any level of expectations.

Turns out, we got a possible winner here. Part Slayer, part Vio-lence, part well ... just about every thrash band ever. But there is a bit of a noticeable Agent Steel thing going on in Inflexible Steel. A bit of Death influence perhaps as well. There's occasionally a tasty European speed metal-type riff to be found.

The songs are fairly well put together. Riffs are nicely fleshed out, not overly straightforward, and the drums accent things well and add a bit of complexity. We have some gang vocals and lo-fi, raw production - really sounds like an older album. Oh, and you can actually hear the bass - praise be onto you who can bring the bass.

I'm not huge on the vocalist as he is kind of generic and does the "fast-paced yelling" thing pretty frequently, sounding a little forced. His Spanish accent can actually be heard ... which, in conjunction with the very poor English of the lyrics, makes me wonder why not just write your lyrics in Spanish?

For this style of music, definitely pretty good. The Mexicans may be in on a secret to make this style worthwhile. Take notes, America.