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Nice Little Thrash Album - 63%

Cochino, November 15th, 2007

Even though they didn’t receive that much attention (like the overrated VIOLATOR), I think that STRIKEMASTER has given us a nice Thrash album. Something to highlight is that, despite the fact that most of the new Thrash bands exploit the faster vein of the genre, STRIKEMASTER remembered that Thrash used to count with slower parts. I don’t mean slow like in ballads, but something like what MEGADETH used to do in the eighties. That thing when they combined ultra-fast riffing with more harmonic bits.
Something that has tired me already is that almost all of the new Thrash bands use the very same vocal style, and that bands don’t escape from that stigma. But through good riffs and some memorable songs, they manage to raise above a lot of mediocre bands, without reaching the apex of new bands, occupied by groups like MERCILESS DEATH or the great FUNEROT.
“Up For The Massacre” isn’t a masterpiece of any kind, and maybe time will turn it into just another record. But for now is a cool album that can be used to bang your head for 40 minutes.