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The Inspiration of All - 100%

nahtaivel, April 10th, 2007

This is one good EP. There are many reasons making these 2 songs very valuable. The first of the reasons is that this album is a milestone, a beginning for the suicidal black metal subgenre. This was released many years before those Shining, Abyssic Hate, Xasthur etc. albums. And I noticed that Shining has 2 songs which are exactly like "Nattevandring", a very inspiring song which is one of the 2 songs.

Distorted "trance-mood" guitars and a bass guitar leading the song with simple but effective notes. And the sound of drums which makes the trance-like state of this EP stronger. The drums are not minimalistic or simple, there are strong attacks and different patterns and all are enjoyable and makes the atmosphere of the EP more effective. And the vocals... They explain it all. Hate and pain slipping from every part of Storm's vocals.

Both songs take you away from the real world and show you all the pain in this world. This release is very important in my opinion, very important for me at least. The rarity makes this release even more valuable. If you want to see what Shining (In an interview Kvarforth said he listens to 2-3 black metal bands and Strid was one of them.) and other suicidal black metal bands were inspired from, listen to this release.