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Strid - Strid EP (1995) - 95%

Unsilent_Storms, April 8th, 2005

Strid is a band which not very much is known about. Buried among the hundreds of black metal bands coming out of Scandinavia in the early 90’s was Strid’s brilliant sound of absolute despair and darkness. The ep was released in 1995.

On this 2-song ep we are presented with a totally different take on black metal. Gone are the furious blasts beats and guitar riffs a la Mayhem, Strid prefers a slower, much more macabre sounding combination of melodies and drum patterns. The opening track is called “Det Hviskes Blant Sorte Vinder”. Sounds of a horse galloping through a storm can be heard, the wind howling furiously really creates an eerie atmosphere.

The little intro leads to a fuzzy combination of a sorrowful bass-line, guitars droning in the distance and a slow drumbeat make up the background for the voice of misery itself. A high pitched scream that echoes and makes the music sound even gloomier. The song also has a certain “folk” feeling to it, Flutes can be heard in the distance at times.

The second track is “Nattevandring”. It starts similar to the other song, a slow drumbeat and guitars, the song clocks in at 7:57, and midway through the song changes into an ambient like track, with a constant fuzzy guitar sound in the back, the evil vocals occasionally interrupting the trance like rhythms. The song ends with the sound of a gate closing, like a drawbridge of a castle.

Even though this only has 2 songs it is really worth getting, this sounds much more original and interesting than 99% of the black metal bands out today. It is also extremely hard to find.