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Black metal at its purest form - 90%

Cuntaminated, June 7th, 2007

Norway proves once again that they are the masters of creating melancholic black metal. This EP is mind blowing as far atmosphere goes – and black metal doesn’t get any better than this…

As short as this EP might seem, I guarantee you that when you’re done listening to these two long tracks that “Strid” consists of, you will behold an incredible and timeless EP. The music itself is very timeless, consisting of perfect atmospheric black metal production like I never heard before. Maybe I could compare this short EP to Darkthrone to just give you an idea, but Strid seems to have even more atmosphere than Darkthrone itself. And I tell you what: as corny as this may sound, Strid is one of the “few” black metal projects that actually makes ME feel like I’m in a cold vast forest.

For the first time, I will admit that the feel for the music found on this EP is very supernatural. This is music that touches your soul; very spiritual, touching, melancholic, and at the same time, powerful; a fusion that really defines the greatness of black metal.

What a shame that a band as incredible as this had to split-up. Even though the band didn’t make it very far… this EP is so goddamn timeless that I really urge you to check it out if you love black metal at its purest form. Strid is a name that I will remember for the rest of my life.