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Completely batshit insane!! - 75%

caspian, May 1st, 2007

Striborg is a band I wouldn't have heard of if it wasn't for Sunn O)))'s track Sin Nanna. Googling that name, I found out about this band, managed to track this album down, and give it a listen.

Suffice to say, I can probably split my life into two different eras.. Pre Striborg and Post Striborg.

I haven't heard anything this whacked out, this hateful ever, and I doubt I ever will again. The guitars are almost completely inaudible, just a thin layer of fuzz hovering over the rest of the mix, stripped of all clarity, almost a static buzz just floating in the mix, glaring hatefully at you. The drums sound impressively fake. Faker then the fakest drums you've ever heard, which is pretty impressive. The keyboards are oddly enough quite clear, and are also the most normal thing about this record, quite melodic and incredibly eerie.

Still, even though though that might sound pretty weird, it's not until all the elements are combined that you know you've got something really outside of the norm here. The blackened buzzing guitars, the keys that sometimes take over an entire song, the eerie, tormented vocals. Sin Nanna often favours a strange, screechy shriek over the usual Black Metal vocals, and in some places they're truely disturbing and strange, like in the epic Reaping the fields of Black Death. They're almost funny, they are just that outside of usual vocal technique. Completely odd and stunning.

Of course, all this weirdness wouldn't be too great if it wasn't for the fact that Striborg is a pretty damn good songwriter. The everlasting one.. Is all droney-ish, Dismal Snowset is slow, depressing and surprisingly beautiful, while Journey of a Misanthrope is straight out blasting black metal. Black Gaia is some strange, impenetrable droning ambient.. there's just weirdness everywhere in this album.

In the end, after listening to this album, I liked it. Kind of. There's no denying that Striborg is amazing. Definitely the most passionate music I've ever heard. In the end though, it's just too freaking weird. For fans of really demented black metal- everyone else will find this too weird to get into.