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Fucking Awful - 10%

Tenebrious, February 12th, 2008

Okay, I don't like this band at all. I can't fucking stand it, but I like to torture myself apparently. And this album surely is torture. I don't see what is so great or misanthropic about this band. It completely fails to invoke any emotion in me besides pure annoyance.

So, this shit-storm starts off with some of the most annoying drums I've ever heard. The blast beats are off-tempo and random. There is no variation. Ok, so the drums aren't so great, surely he must be really good at something else to make up for the lacking drums. But he isn't.

The guitars are terrible. They are extremely boring and repetitive. Repetition isn't really that big of a problem considering most black metal bands have a fair amount of it, but the guitar here is exceedingly boring. It doesn't paint a picture of darkness, it doesn't make me feel sad, and it doesn't sound hateful. It just sounds like a complete retard picked up a guitar and added loads of shitty distortion to it. It is actually painful to listen to.

Now onto the vocals... This guy must be joking. These are some of the worst vocals I've ever heard. Again, it sounds like a retard. It literally sounds like a retard screaming about some nonsense winter forests. I assume he was going for a style similar to that of Sterbend, Silencer, Lyrinx, etc., but he failed miserably.

There is nothing to say about the synths except that it sounds like he recently fell into a copy of FL Studio and mixed as many random shitty sounds as he could.

The inconsistent quality of the songs really annoys me too. Obviously this man lacks the knowledge to mix and produce. The volume of the guitar is too low, the vocals are too loud, one of the songs has the drums panned completely to the right, the reverb on the vocals is hilariously awful, and the list goes on and on. I realize that black metal is notorious for poor production, but this really needs to be heard to be understood.

Striborg is one of those bands that is amazingly awful. I've never heard anything good from this band. I'm well surprised to see how many albums he has released but considering the time frame one couldn't expect much more. The only reason why this gets a score at all is because Sin Nanna had the balls to release this piece of garbage.