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Continuing the hate - 95%

Taliesin, April 17th, 2006

Coming from Tasmania, this is Striborg's third album. Sin Nanna's talent for always creating music that seems different then before, whilst retaining a similar sound is deeply impressive. While the last release I heard from Striborg was "Black Desolate Winter/Depressive Hibernation" a collection of two newer demos, I have heard all of Striborg's other albums, and one other demo collection. "Trepidation" features a sound basically the same, but with some recognizable differences. The production features what I think are the first time showing of fake drums, unless of course he somehow managed to make real drums sound fake (a hard thing to do by the way). He pushed the drums up, to create a distorting aspect, while the guitars are given one of the thinnest, cruelest sounds I've ever heard. It's right up there with "Under the Sign of the Black Mark." In fact on the first black metal track "Journey of a Misanthrope" I can barely hear the guitars, for they are deeply pushed back, while the drums and keyboards are used as the primary instruments, and Sin Nanna's trademark vocals wail and scream with an unhuman feeling of total contempt.

Less depressive, and much more cruel then "BDW/DH" more similar to the ealier demos and the first album "Spiritual Catharsis" this album still features the refinement of the production that one could hear on his last few releases.
With cruel usage of black ambient and a cathartic hatred for the listener displayed by the production, Striborg has easily taken the place of the now totally defunct Ildjarn as being perhaps the most cruel and anti-human black metal band to create such music. Today, Striborg is one of the few bands to continue black metal's spirit and artistic relevance. However, like any great band, it is certainly not for everyone.