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Interesting Arjen’s project - 80%

Phow, November 29th, 2006

Before listening to a song of the band Stream of Passion, almost everyone would think that this is another philosophic project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen: many synthesizers, keyboards, thematic albums, and all the elements of the projects like Ayreon. But Arjen surprises again, with a new and interesting band.

For start, Arjen decided to change his role: He give up of the keyboards and solo guitars, and dedicates just to the base guitar. To complete the band, all other members were chosen by Arjen through Internet contests: Marcela Bovio, for vocals (from the Mexican band Elfonia, who had already worked with Arjen on the album “The Human Equation” of the project Ayreon), Alejandro Millán for piano (partner of Marcela at band Elfonia), Davy Mickers for drums, Johan van Stratum for bass and Lori Linstruth for solo guitar.

The result is pretty interesting - an album extremely well produced, with elements that match perfectly: atmospheric ambient produced by keyboard, well conducted rhythm lead by Arjen’s guitar, violins and guitar solos put on the appropriate times. And all of this conducted masterly by the beautiful Marcela’s voice.

As outstanding songs, I cite “Spellbound”, “Wherever you are” and “"Out In The Real World" (captivating rhythm, with good parts based on piano and violin). As a negative point, I cite some “boring” songs (in my opinion), like the ballads "I'll Keep on Dreaming" and "Nostalgia". But the overall result is good, what make this album one that worth checking, mainly for the fans of the progressive metal genre.