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Whoa..... I really missed something. - 60%

PhoenixAscendant, February 17th, 2007

Did it ever happen to you to wake up, go to (work/school/bordello/hell) and come back home to find that your mother-in-law screwed everything in your place just 'cause she felt it was the time and the place to do it ???

Let's get it straight: Not only were we used to some kind of particular genre with Stratovarius, but they were pillars and pioneers of the genre. Melodic Power Metal with blistering double-bass speed, guitar solos, majestic keyboards, soaring vocals and chugging bass ?

Just after Stratovarius's fans woke up from the "Tolkki-fucks-the-machine-up" nightmare, we went to work and tried to get the new album. We were DEFINITELY hoping to hear something from the Golden Days, ya know, Visions-like shit. But ooooooh fuck no, Tolkki couldn't allow this.

What happened with Stratovarius is in many ways what happened with Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Anthrax in the early 1990's. Let's slow everything down to the speed of a tortoise, forget a couple of solos, no more high screams or ball-breaking cries of despair. Hell, the first single "Maniac Dance" is great, but it sounds, in many aspects, like "Enter Sandman" !!!! WHAT..... THE..... F*** ?!?!?!?! It gets worse (well, not worse..... less interesting) as the CD goes on. "Fight!" is the closest you'll get to classic Stratovarius, "The Land Of Ice And Snow" is a forgettable, boring ballad about Finland (I guess, given the title). And the other songs are, generally, more of the same kind of slow Heavy Metal.

There are some good songs to hear in a show, though. "Maniac Dance" is a demoniac headbanger live, "The Land Of Ice And Snow" is a nice cooldown song, but it gets long. "United" is also a great sing-along.

So yeah, really, I missed the train for this one. I'll get back on the next album !!!!