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Nice surprise from Stratovarius! - 90%

Leon, February 21st, 2006

The really good thing with "Maniac Dance" is that it's a heavy track, in contrast with the last singles of Stratovarius. It has heavy riffs, agressive vocals and groovy solos inside. "Maniac Dance" is a track with balls and it's good to see that Stratovarius has returned to a more heavier sound. I find this song really great.
As for "United", this is a typical Stratovarius song of their earlier sound (era of "Dreamspace" album) with a chorus that will remain to your mind from the first listening.
The other two versions of "Maniac Dance" have fun and they are a good addition for the CD single. As for "Maniac Dance" video, it's for sure the most modern clip that this band ever had.
In all, this CD single contains a lot of interesting things and the change of Stratovarius sound to heavier it's a positive surprise.