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Strapping Young Lad rock my hairy anus - 90%

Apophis, March 2nd, 2004

From what i've heard lately, some people are disappointed with this album...

what more could you ask for in an album than crunchingly heavy guitars, Gene Hoglan on drums - the master at work, damn adrenalising songs and the busiest nutjob in metal today, Devin Townsend.

To tackle the challenge of following up the monster album that was 'City' way back in 1997, there is a more 'democratic' (for want of a better word) input from the other members of Strapping Young Lad other than just Townsend.

If 'Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing' was the schizoid nutball kid with Attention-Deficit Disorder; and 'City' was the leaner, meaner brother with the muscle and hereditary insanity combining; then 'SYL' is the bigger, fatter, older brother that you were always threatened with but never actually laid eyes on.

It's by no means perfect, but bear in mind the fact that anything Strapping Young Lad release will no doubt be infinitely heavier than the albums that get all the media attention and court with the mainstream.

If you like "cyber metal", Red Harvest or anything Devin Townsend has written, it's quite simple. Buy this album or continue to live your life afraid to come into the light.

or something like that.