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Holy shit! - 97%

toofargone, July 7th, 2004

This must be Hevy Devy’s most masterful piece of brutality yet. Showing a lot more constraint than both “City” and “Heavy As a Really Heavy Thing” without sacrificing any of the insane anger that throughout the album is so imposingly in your face, Strapping Young Lad deliver another declaration of distraught and extreme anger. This time Strapping Young Lad are obviously a lot more serious and, the truth be known, it only does them favours at putting their point across.
Devin Townsend, the crazy Canadian madman behind Strapping Young Lad’s hyper onslaught, always said he only made a SYL album when pissed off and this slab of brutal, industrial holocaust clearly shows it. No playing around!
Fast, punishing songs with industrial overlays and manic, aggravated hatred for the state of our society, SYL will leave the listener with a horrific, melted face as if just being devastated by a nuclear bomb. The death metal riffs and the seemingly non-stop kick drum assault present on this album help define the “fire at will” attitude that takes form on the album. Devin Townsend, Gene Hoglund, Byron Stroud and co. are not content with taking prisoners as they continue their aural assault. No friend of brutal music will be left behind and no enemy will lay unscathed. THIS IS A SOUNTRACK TO WAR!! Whose side will you be on?