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The darkest SYL album - 80%

MLTC, August 12th, 2006

This album is the darkest effort by the eclectic SYL, and although not as good as City or Alien, it's still far better than The New Black or HAARHT.

Dire starts the album off like you're entering hell, and Consequence only backs it up with buzzsaw riffs and pounding drumming. Some really evil riffs in this song. Relentless is kind of boring, but picks up and is extremely energetic (especially in a live setting). Rape Song is cool for a while but loses replay value over time. Aftermath is one of the real gems on here. It's a war song thru and thru, and it just feels massive. The riff that comes in towards the end is full of energy and those amazing metal triplet chugs that everybody HAS TO LOVE. Devour is another anthem and I don't know why SYL still doesn't play this song often. I think it's catchy as hell. Last Minute sounds like you're at war with satan, and Force Fed is a bit drawn out but has one of the most beautiful choruses I've heard from SYL. Dirt Pride is a straight up grinder with some mildly amusing lyrics (BUNK SOCK!). Bring On The Young closes the album much like Spirituality did on City; it's very drawn out but slowly builds and becomes quite a powerhouse.

My only qualm with the production on this album is that Gene's snare drum is practically inaudible. The guitars (courtesy of Jed Simon alone) are extremely tight, clean, and have some great metal crunch.

I consider this in league with SYL's greatest albums alongside City and Alien. These 3 albums all sound different but have that SYL element that ties them together. I just don't get much of that element in The New Black, and HAARHT really just has the songs SYL and In The Rainy Season.

A solid effort.