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What a head rush - 85%

purerockfury, March 10th, 2004

I've always thought of strapping young lad as insane, but not as insane as strapping young lad live. 'No Sleep Till Bedtime' is by far the nuttiest most insane live album I have heard so far. The one let down I had about this album was the overdubbs which killed the live energy I usually anticipate from live albums, and the first four tracks are the same exact first four tracks that appear on 'City'. Oh well.

The album's opener, 'Velvet Kevorkian' is not only a hilarous track but very decieving. Dev's voice has never been so horrifyingly prettier than this. For all of those who hate pretty voices, the song luckily changes in to a chug-a-lug breakdown which it perfect for any opening song. 'All Hail the New Flesh' while a good song, doesn't cut it for me. The album truely picks up on the following track 'Home Nucleonics' in which the listen recieves a brutal pounding. The song aptly opens with a soundclip saying, "the beat starts here." followed by a scream that could only be made by Dev. This is the song that sets the tone for the rest of the album, it gets right down to the ugly bizaar nature of the band.
The most classic tracks are placed back to back. "Oh My Fuckin God" is by far the albums most intense and insane songs. Its just a pure burst of speed by the instruments and the vocals (almost faster than Slayer's 'Dittohead'). And who can ignore the imfamous shout out from Dev shouting, "Get down there and suck my buddies COCK!" Only a madman would shout that in the middle of a speed rush of insane metallic proportions. This manifest of madness is followed by 'SYL' which I presume to be the bands album, the lyrical content deffinately supports my thoughts. This song is rather epic for a band who doesn't right 'epic' songs.
"Far Beyond Metal" has to be the greatest tribute to 80's metal ever! The song is prefaced with a short history of Dev's metal childhood then goes straight into pure fucking armageddon. This song is deffinately not thrashy, but heavy, fast and a great song to bang yer head while you destroy everything. This song is a great modern interpretation of 80s metal in a wolrd where such music is dying. It has all the elements, dual vocals, pounding double bass drums, head bangin riffs and a great solo.
I didn't really care much for the two bonus tracks...... they were just bland and not interesting.

If you like humor with yer vocals and overdubs with yer live albums (or just dont care.... like me) then get this album.