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A live punch in the face - 90%

TheBigDizzle, March 19th, 2005

All right everyone, this is Strapping Young Lad's live CD, and it is a good one at that. If you can't see them live, and you are unable to to pick up the DVD to see what they are like live, then this would definetly be the next best way to get an idea of their live energy. The CD opens up with Velvet Kevorkian, it's one of the shorter tracks on the CD but it serves as a good way to open this album. After this is All Hail The New Flesh, which is a great song that is played with near perfection, and Devy's vocals are top notch. They go right into Home Nucleonics right after this, and this is just another brutal track that really helps keep the brutality coming.

Oh My Fucking God, a favorite track of many is right after Home Nucleonics and is played fantastically, the riffs and the vocals are pure energy that is ready to punch you in the face, and it also features one of the discs best moments with Devy screaming "Get down there, and suck my buddies cock" which is very funny to hear, the best part of that being is that it is right in the middle of the song. the song SYL is right after and doesn't slow anything down and just keeps the crazy metal action coming with fast riffs and the great vocals coming. In The Rainy Season is after this, and this is in my opinion one of the best tracks off the album with great lyrics, and at the end of the song it features one of the best riffs for headbanging you can imagine, how you could not want to headbang to it is beyond me. The Album finishes off with a homage to metal and all it's glory with Far Beyond Metal, this song even features solos which isn't really a prominent feature in any SYL song. It also has quite funny lyrics and is performed maniacally here, it's a real top notch song and a great way to close the live portion of this album.

Next are the studio tracks on this album. The first song Japan is kind of slow and is not very energetic for an SYL song. It's not like it's terrible or anything, it just didn't really do it for me, the chorus is neat though, so it is worth a listen at least one for that. The second song, Centipede, on the other hand is quite the neat track to hear, especially if you have heard a bunch of SYL's studio stuff and never checked out this album. It is fast and has this really neat thing that I can't really describe, I think it is like some kind of keyboard effect, but it really sets the mood and makes me think of video game music almost, I suppose you would just have to hear it. This song also features good vocals, although they are a little far back in the mix and great riffs.

The production on this CD is pretty well done, every instrument can be heard quite well. There are some overdubs on this album which doesn't really detract from anything, but it is always that little more fun when it is pure live and all you get is the band and their raw playing. You still get everything you need though, the live sound of a band and the crowd that is loving it. I don't know why, but it seems like the crowd could have been a little more enthusiastic. Overall this album is perfect for an SYL fan, it's got plenty of tracks from City, which many consider to be their best album and it sounds great. For a casual fan or someone who hasn't heard SYL before, this could serve as a good starter or another CD to like, good tracklist and good production. Pick it up today and see what you think, It has a generally cheap price and great value with 2 tracks you can't get anywhere else.