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Fucking Strapping Fucking Young Fucking Crap - 43%

cinedracusio, November 8th, 2005

This fucking album is a fucking weak one, the fucking music of fucking SYL consists of fucking... are you fucking surprised? Well, I was contaminated by the Hevy Devy fucking syndrome. There are more "fucks" on this album than notes or beats. Devin is really fucking pissed off.
But forget about this fucking aspect. Now, towards a more precise analysis of the musical content. The song structures are way too rigid, with many industrial nuances included. The riffs are lame and really simplistic, they sound so mechanical and lame, with no real feeling. If it comes to industrial metal, Godflesh and Ministry managed to be percussive and relentless, but not this. This is no guitar god business for sure. The drums are also very, very mechanical and accurate, but the rhythms are lacking flexibility and hearing such simplistic songs does not make me too happy. Devin is the main figure for this album. This guy has got balls for an entire army of freshly-fired taxi drivers. He is loud as fuck, he possesses a great voice, but here fucking comes the fucking problem... These fucking lyrics would have fucking been written by my fucking five fucking year old fucking sister as well. Fucking dumb.
An overrated album, that is for sure. Anyway, Hevy Devy fanboys make sure you get this. I am not one of them, so if this shit is what a city means, I'll choose the village.