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Now THIS is a magnum opus! - 93%

BastardHead, January 18th, 2007

There is very little to argue, this is quit possibly the angriest record ever produced. Devin Townsend is a bi-polar, maniacal, balding desecrator of mankind. He has got to be one of the funniest looking musicians of all time, but he never ceases to release his seemingly endless aggression throughout almost the entire album. Don't take his image too seriously; he is one brutal motherfucker, and one of the most consistently good songwriters of our generation. Gene Hoglan needs no introduction, as he IS the best drummer in metal today. Don't argue, there is no superior you goddamn flower metal lovers! Hoglan would eat the drummer from Edguy's throat given the chance, so shut up.

The album opens up with Velvet Kevorkian, the first seven seconds are kinda weird, but before long, Devin shouts quickly, and a crushing, midpaced chunk comes in to start demolishing your face. Usually, chunky riffs piss me off, but this one works magnificently with the chanting vocals. Even the small drum fills sound amazing, nothing difficult.... but nonetheless awesome. This segues directly into the blazing All Hail the New Flesh, never before has melody sounded this damn heavy. Tell me the vocals aren't great, especially his cleanish screams. There are no words to describe what went through my head the first time I heard "I will never be afraid/ I'll die for what I BELIEEEEVE!!!" Truly a great opener.

Now for one of the ultimate in angry..... Oh My Fucking God. What a stupid name…. what an astounding song. How can anybody who likes extreme metal hate this song? One of the craziest, fastest, poundingest(yeah that’s right, fucking poundingest) metal tracks ever. Afterwards, two more classics (Detox and Home Nucleonics) roll over you. AAA sounds like a scene in some stupid movie where a guy drives his low rider through the hood in slow motion. Just listen and visualize, you’ll see.

All in all, everybody who was drawn to SYL due to the success of Alien, listen to City. It is far superior in almost every aspect. One of my only problem is the juvenile lyrics. It is not necessary to say fuck every other word. We know your angry dude, don’t sound so stupid. Also the album kind of loses it’s punch near the end, but it’s all great. The atmosphere is less apparent than on Alien, but this was before that, and SYL’s crowning achievement to this day.