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Nice melodic noise. - 85%

ᴎostalgiʞK, May 29th, 2019

A well-produced album, with really optimal elements implemented that fitted perfectly.

The band possess distinctive riffs that can be appreciated both in the old school grindcore side to the nowadays modern grindcore riffing style too, the structure is perfect, the blast beats really accompany at perfect time the most rapids, brutal and “noisy” moments of all the instruments and the atmosphere that the cruel vocals leave.

The drums are the most distinguishable instrument that can be appreciated in terms of production, since it is above all the other instruments in relations of sound, actually in the vibe of Scum drumming I dare to say, if it was the idea, it went perfectly. A really vicious drum with truly disarm and potent blast beats, lots of cymbals fine played with the old school snare sound that can be appreciated in the 90’ extreme metal bands, from time that changes and varies a lot, brutal rapid, fast, bashing blast beats and drum bass to more calm, melodic and even groove tempos sometimes. The composition and the notes played by the drummer are truly vary and magisterial, they are done impeccably, like a metronome.

Guitars produce from simply distorted power chords that can be found in punk. Crude, potent disharmonic power chords and notes that fit perfectly most in the grindcore side of the composition to raucous, opaque, macabre riffs that contain murky tints which reminds me of old school death metal bands. I think that the distortion and the tune of the guitars fitted perfectly here, is not always necessary a low tuned guitar with “corrosive” distortion to make dark melodies.

Vocals fit perfectly with all the creation, since is more in the old school grindcore side with a little powerviolence tints besides one or two pig squeals implemented in one song, the most important thing to reiterate here is the big quantity of echo that the voice has, old school grindcore and crust punk contain a great amount of echo plus is regularly below the rest of the instrument in terms of volume.

The bass can be appreciated but only if we sharpen our ears because is not that perceptible, I really would like to hear the bass above everything but the drums, this would let a brutal and “noisy” sound. If this record contained that kind of bass, this would gain a 90% without any doubts.

I wouldn’t catalog this band as simply grindcore of pure noise that I’m regularly used to hear, here is there a clearly, good production made by musicians which know what they are producing next to big dedication that can be perceived flawlessly.

No clean singing, no solos, if you are looking to a grindcore album that sounds “melodic”, “different” and not the cliche grind that most of the people would not stand, here is the perfect album for you, composed with really diverse melodies, brilliant recording sound, good mixing of elements and notes.