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Straight Line Stitch's First Great Steps - 94%

FOrbIDen, July 6th, 2011

"Straight Line Stitch" is an American metalcore band that had been putting out independent EP's and albums for six years before signing to KOCH records and releasing their debut album (on a major label). Their debut album entitled "When Skies Wash Ashore" was released in 2008, and is a great debut album. It's heavy, powerful, and catchy, vocalist Alexis Brown uses both her ability to sing and her screams to make a contrasting sound that is quite tasteful and complimentary. The guitar riffs are memorable and catchy, which makes a good foundation for Alexis to shine on.

Alexis has a raspy singing style and a very dynamic, vicious scream in an alternating pattern to lead the band. And in the third track "Taste of Ashes" (feat. Jamy Jasta) her vocal types come in handy. Basically the verses in this song are formatted in an alternating pattern between the two vocalists: Alexis scream, Jamey scream, Alexis scream, Jamey scream. Jamey's style of scream is not very vicious, but powerful, almost like a yell, and the two styles contrast so well, then the chorus is a scream break when Alexis sings, and still the change is really good to listen to.

"Seneca Tragedy" is the eight track on the album, which is more of a hard rock/heavy metal track that does not have any screams in it, just amazing clean vocals. The song is catchy and just makes me think of blue fire when I listen to it, it's really energetic. Than all the excitement bubbles down to the last and tenth song "Yesterday's Gone". It's a nice acoustic ballad (I guess) that's calming, and just ends the album on a good note, even though the song is about being left behind by the person you love.

Anyways, this album is amazing, worth the money. It's really fun to listen to and rock out to, and even if you don't like metalcore you'll still like this album, trust me.

Highlights: Never See The Day, Taste of Ashes, What You Do To Me, Seneca Tragedy, and Yesterday's Gone