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A perfect fascimille of a legendary album. - 100%

Primemattimus, March 18th, 2008

I thought I would add my two cents to what was a revelation to me when I heard it, Stormwarrior's eponymous 2002 debut album. I figured I would give my opinion of the record, and in doing so give people a well-rounded taste of what to expect should they decide to let go of hard-earned cash, etc.

Stormwarrior is definitely not an original band by any means, and their debut is no exception. It starts out much like a latter day Bathory album, complete with an intro with sounds of (what is assumed to be) viking warfare. Then the charging riffs of "Sign of the Warlorde" come forth and grab the listener. The song is very much in the vein of "Ride the Sky" from Helloween, but I don't mind this at all, the band takes the formula to the extreme on this album, that is; taking the Helloween Walls of Jericho worship just a little too far for comfort.

"Deceiver" is basically their version of "Judas", and we even get a little bit of Manowar worship with "Thunderer" which is basically a rewrite of "Thor the Powerhead" (though with more Helloweeny guitar parts).

"Axewielder" reminds me of "Murderer" from Walls of Jericho, and "Death by the Blade" reminds me of "Cry for Freedom" off the same album.

So what am I doing giving a perfect score to such a deriviative album? Passion, and lots of it. The band even enlisted Kai Hansen himself to produce the proceedings, and it shows. The band seems to have meticulously recreated Walls of Jericho, except with different songs. The production, the mixing, EVERYTHING is similar. It reminds me of the band Witchcraft, in that the band tried to go for a production style that was indicative of the decade they were trying to recreate, in Witchcraft's case, the early 70's, in Stormwarrior's the mid-eighties. In fact, if Kai Hansen's name wasn't attached I would've sworn the album was a Harris Johns Musiclab job. Its that close.

Stormwarrior will have an uphill battle ahead of them to follow this album up. I've heard their sophmore release, and even though its good, it doesn't come close to the intensity of this album.

The fierce melodic speed metal of this album doesn't let up, even for a second.

I am usually not this generous with giving reviews of bands, but this is a perfect album.