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Unbelievably Strong - 99%

JunaidKhan, January 2nd, 2008

Stormwarrior's second effort is nothing short of outstanding. In a genre that's plagued with monotonous old-schoolers (who are, to be honest, well beyond their best) such as Gamma Ray, Helloween and Hammerfall, Stormwarrior stand out as a true speed metal band with war/viking lyrics.

As you'd expect from an album of this genre, the double-beats run throughout the tracks while the blast beats manage to keep you on your feet at all times. The guitars are simply awesome. The band uses both melodic tremelo riffing as well as the regular power-chord-based melodies in all their tracks, the highlight of which are Heroic Deathe and Odin's Warriors.

I'm actually surprised some fellow reviewers here were not moved by the solos. If the comparatively long solo of Heroic Deathe or the whammy-filled solo of Odin's Warriors didn't have any effect on them, they were probably dead when they were listening to this.

Overall, Stormwarrior is a band that's not as recognized as some other popular names but this album seriously blows away anything by any band of the genre. It's catchy while being aggressive, the vocals are not whiny (this is manly stuff, Dragonland fans, STAY AWAY), the album is hard-hitting but the riffs are very memorable and overall, the production quality is top-notch. You can play this album on your hi-fi and not hear any out-of-place riff or any "earthy" sound.

Stormwarrior will come out with their new album in the first quarter of 2008 but until then, Northern Rage will have to suffice. This album is as masterful as it is catchy and any fan of viking-lyrics and fast power metal would absolutely love this.