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Storm on the Horizon - 93%

BloodandBrutalityRecords, March 13th, 2018

Stormthrash was completely new to me before hearing this album. So I had absolutely no expectations. My only hint was that the band was probably thrash metal given that the word "thrash" was in the band name. I'd had the album downloaded for a few days before giving it a listen but once I did I was very impressed.

The production is excellent, the mix is great, and the sound is something you'd expect from a very professional band. The musicianship is fantastic as well. Everyone in the band seems well skilled in their instrument. I also liked the vocal tone. It wasn't too aggressive but still maintained the foreground. All the vocals are in English and are very easily understood. Both guitarists are great; they seem like they've been playing together a very long time. They meld well with each other. I really enjoyed all the lead/solo sections.

The band actually makes me think of a less technical Necrophagist. The album itself has a consistent skank beat throughout most of the songs much like Slayer's Reign in Blood album. I'd say that the vocals aren't too far off from how Chuck Billy of Testament sounds. The vocalist also has a Spanish accent which gives off a sound that reminds me of old Sepultura.

This album grabbed my attention before I'd gotten through my first full listen and the more I hear it the more I like it. I really can't say enough good things about this album. It says it all in the band name, "Stormthrash". So if you like fast thrash music then give this a listen.