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Amazing - 100%

myrrhdyrrh, April 6th, 2008

This album is much like stormlord's previous work "At The Gates of Utopia". The guitar and keyboards alternate taking control of the melody, resulting in a sound that creates an ambient, yet powerful atmosphere. The band is able to combine the two sounds quite well, without over doing the keyboards (a point on which i strongly disagree with the reviewer before me), rather than overdoing the keyboards by giving them complete control of the melody, the band knows when to stop and let the other instruments have the spotlight, and then know when to pull the other instruments back and allow the keyboards to take over for a period, which keeps the album from getting boring. On the contrary, this album is simply amazing, every single one of the original tracks on here are worth listening to, and each has its own memorable melodies and riffs that, when combined in the way i've mentioned, left me in awe. While the riffs may have been a bit predictable, they lose no power when combined with the keyboards.

The vox may be a bit difficult to comprehend ( i needed to have the lyrics in front of me in order to follow), but that is not at all a problem, since the the delivery ov the lyrics and the contribution to the overall sound the vox provides is more important than the lyrics themselves. The vocalist also uses the occasional clean vox on this album, which, rather than taking away from the power ov the songs, contributes an interesting sound to the overall feel and emotion of the songs.

The only complaint i had about this album was the maiden cover, i wasn't able to listen all the way through. I would have preffered an original song to a cover of Moonchild.

Standout tracks: The entire album is amazing, but my personal favorites were: Dance of Hecate, Under The Boards, The Oath of The Legion