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Epic as Fuck - 98%

ImmortalSargon, June 20th, 2007

For being the first full length, Stormlord has done a great job for the first blackened epic metal band. The album carries out the theme of an epic adventure very perfectly. It is synchronized very well as a full, which made it very drawing all the way through the album.

I would have to say most of the talent and value came from the keyboardist. The keys capture so many of the albums elements and remands unique all the way through with a variety of different lead riffs for the best epic atmosphere the band presents in the album. He ranges the elements from harpsichord to violin to strings, and piano. This puts you in a trance of an epic tale poised so effortlessly.

As for the vocals other styles of vocalization are also present, like choirs and operatic vocals, that is joined with the harsh screams of Cristiano. His vocals sound so well and devilish, definitely black. I would say his vocals carry out the extreme part of the album. At other times in the album he does sort of Gregorian mourns for more passion in the music.
The guitars are sort of background, but only when the keyboard is leading, other than that its very heavy, and there are a few great riffs that draw your attention. A lot of galloping along with the bass drum, and seem to follow the power metal sequence.
The speed of the album gets is mainly from the drums blasts and smooth double bass beats. It carries flow of sound so smooth and soothing with that great epic feel. The drummer is definitely good, carrying out 32nd notes so easily.

All the songs are great through out the album, each song never getting boring. If you are into epic ambient, symphonic, folk, or death metal, the album is sure not to disappoint you. This album will blow you mind away if you are fans of Wintersun, Equilibrium, Norther, or any epic band of the sort.

The songs that captured my imagination were Sir Lorial (instrumental), Where My Spirit Forever Shall Be, and Immortal Heroes.