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Paying Tribute to the Roman Empire - 91%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, February 17th, 2008

“Supreme Art Of War” is the Stormlord album I like the most. Their style is a unique and rare excellent combination of black metal and epic melodies in the keyboards. In these melodies we can find roman influences and medieval ones. Anyway the group is always inspired and brutal at the same time.

The opener is one of the most beautiful ones in this genre with lots of tempo changes and arpeggios. The guitars and the bass are always extreme metal oriented, supported by screamed vocals. There are epic choruses and female vocals too. All in all a very good mix, that succeeds in not being boring or childish.The drums work on this album is remarkable for its powerful, precision and clean production.

The second track alternated quiet, mid-paced riffs to blast beats with melodic guitar lines. The keyboards are always very important, passing through goth oriented, epic, black metal sounds. No time to relax: extreme symphonic metal at its best.

“Sir Lorial” is almost funny with those blast beats over the typical medieval atmosphere with a sound of a feast in the background. It's fast, instrumental and essential with beautiful sounds, while “Age Of The Dragon” shows the most roman melodies with some spoken words in Latin at the beginning. Then it turns to a fast bass drum one with war melodies.

“War” shows again more roman oriented melodies in keyboards with only the vocals to lead the most black metal parts without being excessive or too brutal. Really, the atmosphere and the melodies are something so beautiful and catchy that is hard to image. On “Immortal Heroes” we can find Steve Sylvester (Death SS) too at vocals as guest, to make the song even more admirable.

The almost ten minutes of “Of Steel And Ancient Might” (with violin sounds too!!) end an album made of lots of tempo changes and excellent melodies. In a so abused field it was very hard for Stormlord to release a good album but they did it. This is recommended to anyone who wants melody mixed with raw parts and black vocals.