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It just doesn't do much - 34%

Scourge441, April 16th, 2009

You know those bands that just aren't worth listening to? The ones that aren't "bad" per se, but are just generic and unoriginal, and don't have the songwriting ability to be good while being generic and unoriginal?

Yeah. That's what these guys are.

Detaching from Humans isn't offensively bad. For the sake of context, stuff I consider "offensively bad" would be radio pop stuff like Miley Cyrus. In other words, the stuff your typical metalhead hates with a passion. Your typical metalhead would at least be able to listen to Detaching from Humans, perhaps even getting into it on occasion. But the feeling wouldn't last; there is just nothing memorable about this album.

Stormfrost play black metal. Not melodic black metal, or raw black metal, or atmospheric or progressive or industrial or folky or depressive or any kind of special black metal. Just straightforward, no-frills black metal. And when you play straightforward no-frills black metal, you need to make sure you have some kickass riffs. Your music needs to be absolutely vicious and hate-filled, or you at least need to be able to write a riff that conveys viciousness and hate.

And the fact is, Stormfrost don't. There is nothing really emotionally moving about this album. They don't sound hate-filled. They don't sound particularly evil. Sure, there's the occasional melodic bit, but it doesn't really add anything. And, because they're just a straightforward black metal band, there's no progressiveness or atmosphere or depressiveness or anything of that sort that maybe might make it interesting or give it some kind of emotional value. Nor does it push at any extremes of the genre, because then you could at least say that it's groundbreaking in some way, even if it's not particularly good. Hell, it'd be better if it featured NS or *gasp* Christian lyrics, because then you could say that there's something controversial (I'd call Christianity controversial as far as metal fans go) inspiring the band.

But it's not any of those things. It's not groundbreaking. It's not hate-filled. It's not raw, or atmospheric, or depressive, or controversial. It's just... there.

I mean, if you absolutely need a new black metal album to listen to and you really can't find anything else, then sure, check this out. But in such a wide genre, I'm sure you can find something at least slightly less useless. You certainly won't hate this band, but there's really nothing here that makes this album worth bothering with.