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Norwegian Pride - 92%

Razakel, September 25th, 2008

Storm was a side project of Satyr from Satyricon and Fenriz from Darkthrone, formed in 1993. There’s also some Norwegian folk singer chick named Kari thrown into the mix, whom actually adds a lot to the sound. Nordavind was the only release this super group ever made, but what a gem it is. All ten songs here are metalized Norwegian traditional folk songs and according to the album sleeve, the release is a tribute to their home country. If I had to choose a feeling that Storm conveys, I would definitely say that pride is the most prominent.

The music is dark, with great black metal sounding riffs from Satyr, but deep chanting vocals from Fenriz. Kari’s vocals add a lot to the music, when used, and really make songs such as Langt Borti Lia and Noregsgard. She tones down the aggressive feel of some songs (Oppi Fjellet) and adds in a nice melody. There are plenty of catchy songs, I’d be singing along if I knew Norwegian. It’s hard to pick a favourite but Oppi Fjellet comes to mind. Probably the most angry sounding, apparently it’s about driving Christians out of Norway. With a lyrical theme like that, it’s hard to go wrong.

Fenriz’s vocals are similar to his cleans on his other side project, Isengard. Deep and gruff, the sound of a true Viking. Satyr’s guitar tone is most similar to his work on The Shadowthrone. Cold, dark, yet catchy and memorable. The mood communicated on this album is a majestic one. It really feels like you are being pulled back in time to ancient Norway. It is a glimpse of medieval times, the perfect soundtrack for walking lonesome through vast and cold landscapes.

Although it would have been nice to hear more from this excellent band, it’s a good thing they never released anything else. This is what the band set out to do and they did it well, then went on to do their own things. If you can find this album I highly recommend adding it to your collection, as it is a treasured part of mine.