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Die, fuckers. - 90%

Rafal, July 11th, 2004

When I'm listening to the demo/album of Polish slaughterers Stillborn, here and there I hear influences of some great bands like Blasphemy, Morbid Angel, AngelCorpse and Cryptopsy. They are deeply influenced by those bands and that should give you a vision of their music. Yes, it's brutal-as-fuck death metal with a hellish touch of everything what is best in that style, but served the Polish way. Stillborn know how to slay and they do it excellently.

It's a most violent, aggressive and boiling hybrid of the most extreme death metal genres. Prepare yourself for slow death as everything inside you will come out with each of Stillborn's attacks. "Die In Torment 666" will destroy everyone and everything that stands in it’s way! It's music for devoted brutal maniacs, and if you're one of them, then you have to love the album.

The Poles have presented well-written and well-done material, it’s fresh and 'nicely' kicking head. Stillborn do not play intricate, they kill by sincerity, attitude and spontaneity. The music resembles a sick butcher who is about to cut your balls off with a sharp knife. Aggressive piledriver rhythms in the style of old school-ish bands provide basis for songs that alternate between the hard-flowing, and often chaotic, riffs which are characteristics for grind/death metal. They also include slow, more heavy riffs, that remind me of the Swedish way of killing by sound. The most impressive thing is the complexity of riffs and how everything is arranged (or even not arranged - sometimes, the guitars bring some jazz riffing).

The intensity of percussion winds up the whole material. The technical mastery, fulfiled with dense blastbeats and superb transitions from slow to fast parts, makes me bleed on my knees. It’s power is bigger than any warmachine, it excels the use of a natural human wrist. Every beat announces the fast death of your weak body, it is hard to swallow even for the most brutal mind.

Producion: Even it's only a demo, the production delivers one of the most brutal sounds that ever left Hertz Studio.

Highly recommended.