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They could have done better… - 60%

Soldier_of_Christ, May 11th, 2009

The first problem I have with this album is the intro track. When you listen to it you can’t help to wonder “Gee guys what is this?”. No offence, but the intro sounds like some rave club hit! The second track starts off with an intro that sounds a bit better, but still not very convincing. This carries on until the third track (“Stay captive”) and then the band comes with a much better and much heavier approach (from a death metal and general hardcore perspective). The fourth track sounds much better and is delivered with a full force of anger. After that there is a much different song, “Maria” that is really not bad, but judging from the previous tracks I thought that the band should have kept on going with a full force of death metal to keep on improving on the crap that they made in the first three (especially the first two) tracks.

The last few tracks are the best. From “Dropped from the cherry tree” right throught to “Avalanche” they made a good impression and these tracks are really fine works of art. I strongly advise that you should not compare this album to the band’s previous albums (especially “Of love and lunacy”) because should you compare it to the previous albums you might not enjoy this album. Judging from the previous albums this album is crap. But if you judge this album from its own perspective and genre you get the idea that it is not bad, but the band could have done better.