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Goregrind Vomit - 82%

MikeBelial, March 3rd, 2006

Stickoxydal is a band that take their inspiration from CBT & Gut. They come out of Belarus with a full length release titled The Perverted Position of Interiors. According to their website, the band made up of Cutlass on guitar/back-up vocals, Snoopy on drums, Nicotine on bass, and Carno on vocals, started out with the idea in mind of “Playing funny crust/punk/Grindcore,” and their first demo called “Pro Narcosi” was played in that style. Then they crossed over to Goregrind.

All I can say is this shit is bad-ass. Right from the start you are sucked into the fold by big guitars, distorted bass, lightening drums, and clean production. Never is there a shortage of catchy rhythms, tempo changes, or downright heavy riffage at mid pace. The vocals are either pig squeals and gurgles of the most nefarious nature or Grindcore screams and shouts laced with malice. The songs average a little over a minute in length making the disc go over rather quickly. Still, that should not be a problem cause this shit is like a roller coaster ride: After you barf you get on again and hit the loops, curves, and plunges like a maniac.

Folks this is the type of shit that intimidates. It crunches, it barfs, it’s a fucking 2nd wave tsunami full of debris and corpses. Yeah, this is the type of music you play when going to work on some despised fiend with pliers. Seriously, this shit is so heavy my friend Young (Yeah, Young is his name. He’s Korean you smart asses.) who listens to nu-metal, and metal-core broke into tears. Then he burned all his Korn-aka-Corn and Trivium gear and disc’s to join the Goregrind Nation.