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John Cyriis, one of The Godz of Man - 78%

kai_hansi, April 21st, 2009

That’s got to be some signal of the apocalypse: John Cyriis is back in business! The so called Stellar Seed project has shifted into SETI (or S.E.T.I.). But just on paper since it’s the same line-up, I mean, Johnny and his friend Shuichi Oni. Anyway, to start warming up I decided to give this demo a shot. And I’m glad I did.

The sound is very similar to what he was doing in Agent Steel, you have the high-pitched vocals, the speed metal riffs and incredibly fast drumming, the shouts and corals (if you can call that way) in the chorus and through the song, but you have some differences, the add of keyboards and/or sinth in the verses to increase that sort of alien abduction atmosphere, the solo is a little more melodic than in Agent Steel. The production is, in my opinion, worse than it should, the drums and the keyboards are a bit loud, you can’t hear the vocals too well during the verses and in some parts everything appears to be mixed. Despite all this, the song is enjoyable.

The track starts with some weird metallic alien voices (it remind me of the opening track of Agent Steel’s Skeptics Apocalypse, “The Calling”), and, without any warnings, begins a speed metal with an outer-space feeling guitar riff, followed soon by the drums, that is repeated a lot through the song. And then Cyriis comes in, with a high-pitched wail, and start singing the lyrics. As I said, there is some keyboards/sinth during the verses. An interesting point is that the lyrics are nearly impossible to understand and perhaps that was his intention. The chorus structure is different from those in Agent Steel’s songs, but still similar, with Cyriis singing over some background corals. The solo starts during the second chorus and continues ‘till the end of the song while some corals sings something about “The Godz of Man” over it. When it stops the same weird metallic voice from the beginning reappears and the song ends.

It’s a very good weird track, but everything is weird when coming from Cyriis. The overall impression of this song makes me worried about the next release under the name of SETI. The major question that is in my head is: How far will John Cyriis madness go? My advice to you is: get this while Cyriis is still among us and making metal.