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A Good Start For Yngwie And Keel - 79%

Kit_Atemus, March 19th, 2005

This record is a true landmark record- it started Ron Keel off his way on Keel, and certainly gave Yngwie Malmsteen a way to become recognized as the neo-classical genious he was. Only a year after the record came out, Yngwie released his own titled album "Rising Force" and Ron Keel had gotten off to his band Keel, which sounds like Steeler only with alittle less agressiveness on song topics and guitar parts. The vocals are high strung and very agressive, perfect for the band. The guitar playing is fast, loud and agressive. The song "No Way Out" and "Cold Day in Hell" are probibly the landmark songs of this album, and any songs written by Malmsteen you can tell, they were written by Malmsteen- this record has a little bit of Neo-Classical influence to it, with a mix of 80s agressive metal. The song "Hot on Your Heels" has possibly one of the fastest guitar pieces Yngwie has ever played, even if you are only a fan of Malmsteen and Neo-Classical this record will please you. And If you are a fan of bands like Hexx, Keel, Dokken, Yngwie Malmsteen or just straight up 80s metal, this record will certainly not dissapoint. Hard to find, and Hard not to crank in your car.